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unpacking a life

“Energy flows where attention goes.” For the better part of two years now, my husband and I have been consumed by building our house.  First, eager to find land, then happily researching various house styles, designing the house and coming … Continue reading

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“I learn, by going, where I have to go.”

I went for a walk on this beautiful spring morning, to wrap my head around that which I couldn’t define.  What was affirmed again and again: is that in the stepping away from what had been put before my eyes and ears … Continue reading

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erected from prideego’s hammer driven inshut down by insecuritiesshadows cast by those who judgethick as greedthin as a tearcrying out in silent screamsclinging, like old wallpaperas history’s truthproclaims the lightloud as nail popsuncontainablelaughter and tearsooze outfrom crevices and cracks in … Continue reading

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The Shauny Award

  Like most of us, I balance my other life with working on my blog: trying hard to make it the very best it can be, while staying true to myself.  So when I discovered I’d been nominated for a blogging … Continue reading

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