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  I will not tread lightly into this season of my life.  The middle season.  Between the sunrise and the sunset.  The peak season, nestled amongst the dark and the light.  I will be…

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Aerating your Lawn: A Metaphor for Life

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Last weeks blogpost was heavy…very heavy.  It felt good to release that part of me.  An incremental speck of who I am.  I’ve been called an old soul, philosophical (much to my family’s chagrin…

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A Wish Upon A Heart

In accepting this lovely award I’m going to do something out of the box. All my life I’ve never colored inside the lines. I’ve found that, often, what awaits us beyond the perimeter is where we are meant to be. My beautiful friend, … Continue reading

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Every year on our son’s Heavenly Birthday I write a poem in his honor.  My birthday present to him.  It’s my way of honoring his legacy of love and the multitude of lessons he left behind: in the hopes that, ‘because … Continue reading

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on going home, sister friends…and peacocks

Moving away from all that is familiar and safe is never easy.  It means stepping away from the ease of knowing where you’re going without directional assistance.  Have you ever driven to a place so many times you only remember … Continue reading

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Most Influential Blogger Award

As you may have noticed, I’ve been absent from blogging for quite awhile.  We suddenly found ourselves without a builder and have had to do everything on our own.  So we’ve been busy finding tradespeople to finish the job, gathering … Continue reading

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