Autumn’s Caress

Poetic musings on a gorgeous Fall morning…



About drapersmeadow4

I am a writer, thinker, life-long learner, and philosopher of all things, who also happens to be Irish, sarcastic and very intuitive. I'm an 'every-aged' woman who never plans on growing up, just evolving as I go. Passion is my guiding force. My husband and I are enjoying life immensely in our Not So Empty Nest and beyond, by celebrating each and every day as it comes to us.
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2 Responses to Autumn’s Caress

  1. Absolutely beautiful darling. I hope you and yours are well. ❤

  2. reocochran says:

    Just stepping back in time, where I felt we had been more connected. I am hoping your family and you are enjoying the finishing touches in your new home and thinking of you over the holidays. God bless and keep you and yours safe, hoping the memories of your son will bring you smiles and when it hurts you find peace. Take care, Robin

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