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I am a writer, thinker, life-long learner, and philosopher of all things, who also happens to be Irish, sarcastic and very intuitive. I'm an 'every-aged' woman who never plans on growing up, just evolving as I go. Passion is my guiding force. My husband and I are enjoying life immensely in our Not So Empty Nest and beyond, by celebrating each and every day as it comes to us.


I’ve been receiving a lot of questions lately, asking when my book will be published. And so I’m going to try my best to answer you. In December I received an offer for a book deal from a publishing house. … Continue reading

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I hope everyone had a happy Easter. This year was different for my husband and I. Sunday morning we slept in later than usual and still woke up tired. Our daughter wasn’t able to make it home. I couldn’t be … Continue reading

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The art of storytelling is as simple and complicated as it is to care for another human being. Or ourselves. Stories grow and evolve just like us. While part of the story remains static, change is happening all around. Like … Continue reading

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Grief is the love that waters the flowers of our soul. Sometimes they curl up in the darkness to rest. Sometimes they bloom.   karen draper   Last year when we marked our ten year milestone, I said I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Raising my voice on behalf of our disabled son came naturally – I was his mother. His dad and I saw his disability rights as basic human rights. So we spoke his name along with our names on behalf of … Continue reading

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Mirror of your Soul

Poems have been a part of my life ever since I can remember. Growing up, my father wrote poems for my mother on special occasions that usually involved poetic clues to what or where her present was. My oldest sister, … Continue reading

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(space) required

This mighty little poem is for all (women) – both young, mature and cozily in between. It’s for the women fighting a physical or mental illness, the ones that are physically or emotionally abused, the ones trying to find their … Continue reading

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Letter to my Daughter

I knew you before I met you. That’s how this precious, undefinable thing called motherhood works. I should have known you would be a night owl, you were born an hour before the clock struck midnight. The next morning as … Continue reading

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soul ~ noun the spiritual principle embodied in human beings a person’s total self a moving spirit We are souls. We have souls. Of all kinds, shapes, sizes and depths. Lost ones too. Me. I’m an old soul. With Easter right … Continue reading

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