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I hope everyone had a happy Easter. This year was different for my husband and I. Sunday morning we slept in later than usual and still woke up tired. Our daughter wasn’t able to make it home. I couldn’t be … Continue reading

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soul ~ noun the spiritual principle embodied in human beings a person’s total self a moving spirit We are souls. We have souls. Of all kinds, shapes, sizes and depths. Lost ones too. Me. I’m an old soul. With Easter right … Continue reading

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on becoming

  April is National Poetry Month. I knoww! Calm down everyone. I’m laughing – picturing some of you yawning at this dazzling announcement that’s probably going to turn your weekend plans upside down, right? That’s OK. I get it. However, … Continue reading

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Done and DONE!

Laptop down. Reading glasses down. Folder down. Bottoms up!!! Sometimes when we reflect back on the way our life story unfolds it’s nothing short of serendipitous! Minutes before I finished working on the last insert for the book, Sam arrived … Continue reading

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tomorrow I STAND

I don’t consider myself political. Not at all. I’m not the person that debates politics or tries to change another human being’s political beliefs. But in looking back at my history of advocacy on behalf of children with disabilities, at my core … Continue reading

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  I write from the root of the bloom.  In all the messy, tangled places of my soul.  In the darkness that catches fire and spreads to seek the light.  In solitude that sniffs the air for bits of oxygen … Continue reading

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“I learn, by going, where I have to go.”

I went for a walk on this beautiful spring morning, to wrap my head around that which I couldn’t define.  What was affirmed again and again: is that in the stepping away from what had been put before my eyes and ears … Continue reading

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WEIGHING IN: On What Matters Most

While it’s safe to say I’ve never been a wallflower, I am changing things up a bit.  This year I am living with bold intention.  That’s right you heard me…BOLD!  2013 was a frustrating and wonderful year all rolled into … Continue reading

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  Building a house is a wonderful experience and a great challenge.  As with anything in life, we can take from it what we choose.  The lessons we learn from any given situation are purely up to us.  To our attitude. … Continue reading

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Selfie of my Soul: Sitting Within My Dream

I used to dream a lot.  Just dream.. I dreamt of all the things I wanted to do.  Mainly to write.  I made extensive lists of everything I had to do, so as to circumvent the actual writing.  My fear based … Continue reading

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