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erected from prideego’s hammer driven inshut down by insecuritiesshadows cast by those who judgethick as greedthin as a tearcrying out in silent screamsclinging, like old wallpaperas history’s truthproclaims the lightloud as nail popsuncontainablelaughter and tearsooze outfrom crevices and cracks in … Continue reading

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Today I will spread my wings  open to the possibilities of a rebirth  of bright colors and concepts  crystal clear images imbedded in my brain  set free against the warmth of promises offered to those who dare to dream. 

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The Courage of a Snowdrop

   Shedding winter’s skin seems an improbability these days   yet a gladiator of spring brings forth promise and joy   it’s hardened green tipped leaves break through to winter’s ground   a delicate white sheath   unfurled to face … Continue reading

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